Free musical workshop for Children 20 Feb-2 March 2010

L'Atelier des Trois Tambours is a private association created by Louise and Patrick Marty to provide music education in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Paris (la Goutte d'Or where you have a large community of immigrants and the Government did not take care of this quarter very much). They train children but also adults in musical instruments and in choir. Louise and Patrick are musicians themselves and have three daughters who are musicians. Many years ago, they started a musical school in Benin. I think great ideas come up from meeting so many people at the Atelier des Trois Tambours. So two years ago, Louise and Patrick came to Phnom Penh to meet with friends here, and we were introduced to each other. Now they would love to start a school here as well. To see if it is possible to start such school, we are helping them put up a training workshop and invite children (from 8 to 15 years old) and music teachers to come for training from February 20th to March 2nd, 2010. Teachers attend the full day training and children come in the afternoon. If you are a musician or a teacher, contact my dad at or 855-12 634 811 to get more information. You have to apply before February 12th (but if you apply late but you are really motivated, I am sure Dad will find a way for you). Join and we will play / learn together, lots of fun and hard work. This will be a great start to have a music school for children in Cambodia.

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