From the recording Instrumental

Dedicated to my little brother, Pièces pour Mi captures three elements of our lives as siblings. Le jardin ("The Garden") captures the memories of our father's garden and the peace we derive from it, as well as all the countless hours spent gardening with him, which I admit, wasn't always something we wanted to do as teenagers. Le jeu (The Game") describes the few moments when we had fun together (when we weren't arguing). L'allumette (“The lightmatch") is a piece inspired by the mutual admiration my brother and I have for fire. Our parents tried their best to keep us from playing with fire when we were young, which was more or less successful (I partially burned down our chicken coop). We still play with fire even as grownups, except nowadays it usually involves steak and grilled vegetables. There is something very symbolic nonetheless about fire. Although both of us are now responsible grownups (-ish) and I am away from home, there is something about gardens, warm and yellow light, and the sound of laughter that reminds me of home, where my family is, and where I can always count on my devilish little brother. – Bosba Panh