From the recording Choral

" my love is building a building" (2016)
composer: Bosba (b.1997)poet: e.e.cummings
performed by Cardinalis Choirconducted by Erica Washburn Calvin Permenter, piano William Jewell College's Gano Chapel Kansas City, MO - April 2, 2017
my love is building a buildingaround you,a frail slipperyhouse,a strong fragile house(beginning at the singular beginning
of your smile)a skilfull uncouthprison, a precise clumsyprison(building that and this into Thus,Around the reckless magic of your [smile])
my love is building a magic, a discretetower of magic and(as i guess)
when Farmer Death(whom fairies hate)shall
crumble the mouth-flower fleetHe’ll not my tower,laborious, casual
[ my love is building a building all around you beginning at the singular beginning of your smile]
where the surrounded smilehangs