BosbaPANH releases "Hemapean" (Himalayas)

Phnom Hemapean (the Himalayas) are at the center of the universe in Khmer mythology. Inspired by her travels to Tibet and the Himalayas, BosbaPANH interprets "Hemapean", a Tibetan song adapted in Khmer. This brings a whole new sound to the Khmer music scene, blending traditional Khmer musical stylings with the lyrical music of Tibet. The Himalayas, known in Khmer as Phnom Hemapean (the Himalayan peaks), are important elements of Khmer mythology and religion as they are the inspiration for our culture and art.

Angkor Wat, for example, symbolizes the mythic mountain of the Gods, Mount Meru, which lies at the heart of the Himalayas. For Khmer buddhists, it is often an unattainable dream to visit the Himalayas and Mount Everest - the highest peak in the world at 8,848 meters. Brought up to cherish Khmer culture through regular visits to museums and archeological sites, BosbaPANH went in search of the roots of her culture and civilization : she made the pilgrimage to the Himalayas this year. Inspired by the magnificent landscapes of Tibet and the immaculate, eternal snows of the Himalayas, the young artist says: it was extraordinary, I never imagined that ! I have already read two books on the life of Buddha, and a short story of the Ramayana.

From this journey, BosbaPANH understands more profoundly how Khmer civilization and beliefs are intertwined with the Hemapean peaks and she wishes to communicate the serenity and contemplation of Lord Buddha to her compatriots. So her band, La Compagnie BosbaPANH, adapted the Tibetan song "Qing Zang Gao Yuan", which was composed by Li Qianyi. This song has very high notes which only the very best singers can perform. Light and airy, Bosba's voice floats through the air and becomes a scent. One can easily imagine the immensity of the Tibetan Plateau and its sacred nature. This song demonstrates the quality of Bosba's voice. In opera, sopranos are classified into three categories, depending on their ability to sing without difficulty the high notes.

Belonging to the highest category, Bosba's voice is crystalline and ranks her among the very best sopranos aged 8 to 12 in Asia-Pacific. Bosba said: « I would like to share my song « Hemapean» with all Khmers so that they can feel at peace and do not forget Buddha. Dedication : BosbaPANH offers this song as a New Year gift to his Majesty the King, to King-Father Samdech Ta Tuot, King-Mother Samdech Yeay Tuot, and all Khmer compatriots: grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters.

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