CTN "Program 21" with Youk Chenda

This Monday, our band spent the day to record the one-hour program "21" produced by the famous Youk Chenda. It is a program where she interviews famous artists. I feel very proud to be invited and we have been preparing ourselves intensely for almost a month. The stage is impressive: all black with a sophisticated array of lights. It is conceived to really put into value the music and musicians. We have prepared three very different songs to perform. the first one is "Tonle Mekong" with a choir of 20 singers. The song is composed by lok Khru Pen Sam Ol who is coaching me to sing better. This song is wonderful and you have to listen to this ! A whole new sound, very classical music and one can imagine very easily how the Mekong is in listening to our voices. The second song is Chumno Vicheaka (Brise de Novembre) composed by Samdech Ta Tuot. Here I sing with la Compagnie Bosbapanh. It is a melodious song, melancholic like an autumnal day. The third song, I sing alone and play acoustic guitar. It is "Phnom Penh" from Samdech Ta Tuot, you know this song already but it is a different sound to hear me without the band. I was already a bit tired at that time of the day, it took us from 10 am to 7 pm to record the whole program. Then I was interviewed with my mom. Watch the program (Wednesday 23rd and 30 May at 21:00 pm PP time) you will learn more about me and also enjoy the new songs.

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