Know the Master Artists joining the Angkor Concert

We made this short clip to acknowledge all the artists joining. Among these: Master ballet dancer EM Theay; US-Khmer "Nobel Prize" for composition prof. Ung Chinary; mohori orchestra master YUN Thera; pinpeat orchestra master SOY Sareth; Hong Kong New Music Ensemble; Composer and Cellist Sarah O'Brien; Louise (harpist) and Patrick Marty (trumpeter) from the Trois Tambours school in Paris; US-Khmer singer and composer Laura MAM; flautist PANHLauv, age 10; Jazz composer Jean-Marc PAVODONI; classical dancer SibxynaPANH. In total, more than 200 artists will perform. The soundtrack "Sat Mohori" is coming from the rehearsal of the concert recorded on Dec 26, 2010.