Asia Life Magazine


" Celebration of music. One of Cambodia's most spectacular music events to date, the bosbaPANH Tribute to the Masters Concert took place in Siem Reap on Feb. 25 and 26. With Bayon Temple illuminated in the background, musicians paid tribute to the great masters of Cambodian music of the past 900 years. Centered on 13-year old soprano sensation, bosbaPANH, the musical extravanganza featured a broad range of songs from composers such as Sin Sisamouth, Ung Chinary and King Father Norodom Sihanouk. Guests included Khuon Sethisak, a Cambodian tenor, Cambodian-American Laura Mam and her band The Like Me's and Em Theay, a master of Cambodian classical dance and the last surviving dancer of the pre-war Royal court. The splendour of Bayon and the talent of the performers left a lasting impression for all who attended."




Personal letter


"J'adresse mes vives felicitations aux groupes de jeunes et maitres artistes khmers: chanteurs, musiciens, cineastes, ainsi qu'a vous meme et a vos deux freres, qui ont accompli un magnifique travail."




Direct Quote


"Votre voix est magnifique ! " (your voice is wonderful!)




Direct Quote


"I filled the hours of my weekend with "Bosbapanh in Manila" and derived true listening pleasure (...). Bosba's rendition of "Mona Lisa"in both English and Khmer, is one of the best I have heard ever".





Cambodian Television Network


"Bosba is a young and talented young girl. She has mastered in her art of singing (teuk daom) in a very short time".





Top Ten Music, Radio FM 98 Mhz


"It is a gift for our country to have this young singer of nine years old".




Chengdu Business Newspaper


"Super voice ! a nine-year old Cambodian girl sings Qing Zhan Gao Yuan".





Koh Santhipheap


"BosbaPANH is a young singer and our future star"






Cambodia Daily


"With her wide brown eyes and neatly cropped bangs, BosbaPanh looks like a well-to-do Cambodian 9-year old. But typical she is not. She has been heralded as Cambodia's youngest coloratura soprano, a girl with a grown-up voice as golden as Sin Sisamuth's".





Top Ten Music, radio FM 98 Mhz


"It is extraordinary : she knows already what she wants to become in the future. She is a model for other children. I am very surprised by her voice. She not only knows how to sing but also to play guitar and practices judo."




Women's Media Center, FM 102 Mhz



"BosbaPANH sings in several languages and she received a gift from nature".




Life and Happiness, Radio FM 103 Mhz



"BosbaPANH is very young but she already has a beautiful voice. She will be a star in our country. She is nine years old but she already knows how to sing in several languages : English, French, Japanese, Thai and Lao. She sings with an exceptional voice Norodom Sihanouk and Sin Sisamouth. She is exceptional and gifted."






"Bosba is only nine but she sings in several languages: English, French, Japanese, Thai, Lao. In addition, she plays guitar and practices judo. She is a very impressive little girl compare to other children".




Samleng Khmer FM 88 Mhz



"Bosba is a young girl with a high pitch voice, she will become a star singer of Cambodia".




Sin Sisamouth association



"Bosba has received a gift from nature. If she continues to work on her voice, she will be the female Sin Sisamouth in a couple of years".




Cambodge Soir



"Bosba, an 8-year old concentrate of culture: Bosba is only 8 but she sings in several languages and is a fan of the musical compositions of Norodom Sihanouk".




Miss Star Club (France)



"Bosba is only nine but she is not a little girl anymore. She is already a singer and lives her fame with her head firmly on her shoulders".