The fisherman's daugther of Bak Prear village

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Kong Bunchhoeun


Oh! Bak Prear village, so beautiful in the sunset

Small waves shining, like a golden carpet

The sky holds towering clouds, swaying in the shadows and light

Far away, the thunder roars, calling up old memories


Fishing Villages float in the immensity of the water

The August breeze brings back old stoies

True Love with you was like a raft, tying us together

Now, I am deserted, abandoned without your body


What can I do? I am only the daughter of a fisherman

A disheveled flower, stained by the scent of the river

You already know the heart of a flower grown in water

This is the destiny of a flower from Bak Prear village.


From Bak Prear to Prek Troab, the waters  bury a sad love

Like Neang Kesor with her deceptive disguise,

a victim of her own jealousy and her husband

From the dry season to the Vossa monsoon

Oh my Love ! you return to me no more.




 I recorded this song for all the fishermen and their families of Bak Prear village (province of Battambang). They have been much affected by fishing lots concessions, climate change so finding fish is difficult and impact their livelihood.

Kong Bunchhoeun (now living in Germany) wrote it in 1974 for his wife. The song was interpreted by Ros Sereysothea but in rock'n roll style.

All the sales of this single will go to buy water filters for the village of Bak Prear. We are working with Hagar International to install enough of these so that the villagers can get clean water. Support us !