Promenade, Soubresauts et Melodie - cello and piano

Erica Ogihara (cello), Qianhe Li (piano)


For cello and piano ­ 

 I’d never tried to write for cello due to my fear of not being able to write something that would fit the instrument  or that did not exploit the instrument’s abilities. “Promenade, Soubresauts et Mélodie” explores three themes, the first one being a rhapsody, the second one being a more energetic “hiccupt” type of of material and the third one being a melodie inspired by a cambodian lullaby. I was very pleased with the end result and although it was hard for the cellist to execute the piece and coordinate it with the pianist (lots of rehearsals) it provided me with the opportunity to get to know the instrument more intimately.