Pieces of Time - viola, oboe, piano

Daniel Calahorra-Oliart, Abraham Martin, Richard Rivale



"Pieces of Time"

I. Simple Times
II. Lost in Time

composed by Bosba (b.1997)
oboe - Daniel Calahorra-Oliart
viola - Abraham Martin
piano - Richard Rivale

Tuesday Night New Music
New England Conservatory of Music, Boston MA, USA

Program Notes:

“Simple Times” is simple music, for two complex persons: R. and I. We sat next to each other every single day in English class. We knew that 

something was wrong but we were too shy, and too scared to make things worse by addressing them. R’s story and my story are different, but it was our fall and the decision to move on that established a silent bond between the two of us. There was a lot of unspoken pain and feelings, but we knew we could count on each other. I still can’t find the words to this day to express and tell you what R. and I went through so I turn to music for that.

I wrote “Lost in Time” exactly a year after “Simple Times”. “Lost in Time” is a reflection to “Simple Times”. I thought about two movies when writing this movement: Les Parapluies de Cherbourg and Farenheit 451, directed by Jacques Demy and François Truffaud respectively. These two movies were scored by Michel Legrand and Bernard Hermann respectively, two of the most successful film composers of the 20th century. Legrand and Hermann are two of my favorite composers along with Philip Glass and Bill Evans. Although I am not at the same level of mastery as these legends, I hope to follow their steps someday. “Lost in Time” like so many other pieces I have written, is a piece from the heart, honest and human. I think it sounds very cheesy. I can’t help it. – Bosba Panh