Bosba PANH


Oudom Douang Chet (Sin Sisamouth)



I sing with my teacher tenor Khuon Sethisak the song that lok ta Sin Sisamouth wrote for his wife, Mrs Khao Thong Nhot when she was pregnant with their first daugther in the mid-fifties. She told me when I visited her in February 2012 that it was her favorite song (with Champei Siem Reap which he composed for her after they have separated for seven years). As per tradition, after the birth of the baby, Mrs SIN Sisamouth had to stay near the fire, he would joke and sing this song for her "to keep her cool". My teacher and my father discussed how we would do the duet, they imagined that Mrs Sin Sisamouth would answer back to lok Ta that he could stay near her, she forgave him. We sing with an operatic style with only the piano (Rong Sereyvann) to accompany us. Recorded on March 17, 2012 at Raffles Hotel le Royal (Phnom Penh) to celebrate Women International Day.