Chuob Khnea - Strangers in the night



I listened to the original in Khmer - a remake of Frank Sinatra "Strangers in the Night" (1966) by MEAS Hok Seng in 1967. He died soon after, of cancer in Battambang among his loved ones. He was mentioned by my teacher tenor Khuon Sethisak during his interview with lok srey Youk Chenda for CTN 21. He said he liked to listen to this song when he came back from Moscow. That's why I choose this song to make this video. This is a very low-tech video that we produced this summer with my two bros Sibxy and Panhlauv. I like the old movies format in black and white. I don't know why but I feel that songs and singers were better treated. That's why the rolls will never die. I hope you will like it too!