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Welcome to my website !

My name is Bosba PANH and I am a Khmer soprano and composer age 18. I have been performing since age 9 and I am currently studying in the United States at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts (WHS), a preparatory arts high school near Boston.

I have been learning the art of composition at WHS. My works have been performed at the WHS and the music I composed "the Enchanted Pavillion" has been played at the Phnom Penh Music Festival on November 9 of 2013 at Meta House. I was told people loved the piece and zillion thanks to Anton Isselhardt, the festival organizer !

Since Feb 2015: I have been very busy auditioning for conservatories in Northern America. Results have come in... tadada ! need to choose now !





I continue to be involved in projects to help my country in performing concerts to raise funds. This year, I am calling for your help to support the family of SIN Sisamouth, Cambodia's golden voice, who perished in 1976 during the genocide years. He is compared to Frank Sinatra or Teresa Teng for the sweetness of his voice, a perfect voice for ballads and folk songs.

Despite his being still today the most famous Cambodian singer, there is no copyrights enforcement in my country so his family lives very modestly. I visited his surviving spouse in 2012 and the interview of their life together, a sad one indeed but another form of love and total loyalty. Watch the video here and please donate to her (see instruction in the YouTube video). Thank you in advance for your help !


Although I am busier today due to my high school studies and preparing for college, I still perform within the WHS and NEC setting and plan to come back to Cambodia and perform in 2015!

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