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What a whirlwind ! I finished my first semester at NEC and I can say that it was a blast. These last two months I premiered two new pieces: a trio for oboe, "Pieces of Time" and a choral piece, " the Christmas Tree" on a poem by e.e.cummings ("little tree"). The trio is written for oboe,viola ...



October was an eventful month. I showcased my latest composition, " Pièces pour Mi", a three movement piece for solo clarinet, dedicated to my little brother. Aleksis Martin'19 played the piece and I was very happy with the performance he gave. I presented this piece at the first Tuesday Night New Music of the year at NEC, and it was a great success ! The piece is inspired by three themes that are recurrent in my relationship with my younger sibling...



To close of the long weekend, I took a little trip to Revere Beach to have dinner at Thmor Da Restaurant. The way to a girl's heart is through food ... and Cambodian food will always make a Cambodian girl happy. It's  a good 35 minutes of subway rides but Thmor Da is worth the trip if you're not close to Lowell! It is a very small restaurant and ..


Sunday was chill day. I decided to go to the Boston Public Market. There is a similar market in D.C called Eastern Market. Both of these markets are located in the center of their respective cities and both slightly differ from each other. Eastern Market has a much more "family feel" to it. I suppose it's because the market has been established for quite a while, while BPM is pretty new. Both have fresh fruits, fresh meat from the butchers but I do prefer D.C's. I didn't find any cheese stalls I liked at BPM while Eastern Market's own cheese stall is pretty much where my dad buys his monthly supply of butter. BPM had a smaller selection of cheese and the wine section was ok... The weather was incredibly nice and I wished Northern America's weather would always be like this. I really, really hate extreme cold weather and even more snow. I finished the day with one of my favorite (and SO underrated) ice-cream flavors: Pistachio! 





Colombus Day is "celebrated" the second monday of October. I put "celebrated" in between quotes because there is this huge debate on whether this holiday should be abolished and Native Americans be celebrated. Technically, Christopher Columbus wasn't even the first European to set foot in the Americas. Speculations are that 500 years earlier, a bunch of Viking sailors led by Leif Eriksson reached the Americas and an unknown Spanish sailor that was part of Ponce de Leon's expedition may have reached the coast of Florida. So yeah, sorry Columbus but I guess your "discovery" of the Americas did lead to a lasting european colonization. In my opinion, I'm fine with celebrating the start of the european colonization of the Americas but there should be bigger emphasis on Native Americans and the horrors that they had to endure during the European colonization and later on. America is truly a "melting pot" and so many discussions are happening right now (aye 2016 presidential campaign?) but hey as long as we get a day off, I'm good. 

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