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I am about to leave Cambodia to join the Walnut Hill School for the Arts (, in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a music school and I will be majoring in Music, Opera Singing. I am leaving on the 29th of August 2012, and hope to come back as often as I can. I am going to miss you but we continue to keep in touch, I will update you with news about my studies and my school in this page. Love to all of you :( <3


Last Portrait


We spent the last three days at the fishing village of Koh Pdau to give donation from our charity concert "Melodies of Hope" which took place at Pannasastra University on February 11, 2012.

Koh Pdau is a fishing village that has been dramatically affected by climate change and dams so they can not catch as much fish as before. They told us that 10 years ago they could get 30 kilos a night, now it is less than 5 kg.There is no electricity, no tap water.

Life has become harder and their children are suffering, not enough food, not going to school. That's why we did the fund raising to let people know about Koh Pdau, Bak Prear so that we have more solidarity and are more cautious about the damage we do to our environment.


For my very first day of year 2012, we went for a ride to Oudong, the ancient royal capital of the Kindgom. I love going to Oudong, on the way, we pass by a disappearing beautiful village, the kind of places that seems to exist only in dreams, traditional houses, ricefields just harvested, old ladies in white blouses and black pants going to the pagodas...and no plastic bags and dump sites for rubbish !! It is the season of the prahok so we went to Kompong Luang on the way back. See my trip in images... sometimes, you don't want to eat prahok anymore :)

We have been meeting every Sunday since August to work with the musicians. In total 25 sessions and already half of these are gone. Only 13 left until the D-DAY ! Sometimes it is at home and it is sooooo small that we can't move!

It was a while since we went to Kpg Som, Sihanoukville. We felt back then that the popular beaches weren't well taken care of, the road seemed always too crowded with trailers so our trips to the seaside would always stop at Kep. This time we went down to Kpg Som to see how things have changed.

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