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October was an eventful month. 

I showcased my latest composition, " Pièces pour Mi", a three movement piece for solo clarinet, dedicated to my little brother. Aleksis Martin'19 played the piece and I was very happy with the performance he gave. I presented this piece at the first Tuesday Night New Music of the year at NEC, and it was a great success ! The piece is inspired by three themes that are recurrent in my relationship with my younger sibling: our father's garden, his games, and our mutual love for playing with fire when we were younger. You can listen to the performance on the music section of my website! 

Aleksis Martin, who performed my piece and I 

the program notes for " Pièces pour Mi" 


This month, I also got to see my friends perform in NEC's Philarmonia orchestra concert. The Philarmonia is entirely dedicated to the undergraduate instrumentalist at NEC. The program consisted of Wagner's Ouverture to the Flying Dutchman, Mozart Symphony no.40, Dzubay's " Snake Alley" and Rimsky-Korsakov's " Capriccio Espagnol". My favorite piece of the program was the Rimsky-Korsakov, I thought that the players were much more connected when playing it. The Dzubay is a rather contemporary piece, very energetic and chinese-music inspired (program notes said it was a commission by the BSO and the composer was inspired by chinese snake markets). I appreciated the strong presence of the percussion and winds in the piece, but I did not like the copy-paste feel of the middle section of the piece: it literally sounded like part of Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps. Similarly, I thought the chinese " melody" was too predictable and uninteresting. Overall, it was still a very good concert and I enjoyed seeing my friends being professionals on stage. 


I also performed my first choral concert! There are two choirs at NEC, Concert Choir and Chamber Singers. I am part of the latter one, which is a more selective choir to get in and we get more challenging pieces. Chamber Singers performed Guerrero's Alma Redemptoris Mater, Mozart's Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Maria Virgine, Lauren Loiacono's " The Awakening", Eric Wadsworth " Sleeping at Last", Averitt's "Song for Billie Holliday" and Belmont's " The Vine". I really enjoyed performing the Loiacono, and all the soloists sounded marvelous whether it was with Concert Choir or Chamber Singers. Another moment I particularly enjoyed was listening to Concert Choir perform Mendelssohn's " He, watching over Israel, slumbers not" from Elijah Op.70. I also have to mention the wonderful playing by Concert Choir's accompanist Jacob Hiser. I really liked his playing and his discretion, he was a real delight to listen to and definitely look out for him!

with Jonathan Richter, Concert Choir director and my choir conductor from NEC prep ! 


with fellow colleague, violist Abraham Martin'19


making a face, with Lewis, and Daniel and Maryann in the background


post-choir concert pigging out 


I have started attending rehearsal of my mentor's (Thomas Oboe Lee) clarinet quintet. I simply assist him with room reservations and whatever needs to be done during the pre-recording process. I am looking forward to the recording session this upcoming November! 

the quintet, and the chocolate mices TOL got us from LA Burdick (Harvard Square shop)


Last of all, Halloween! Rae, my roommate, dressed me up as a French girl and Halloween was wonderfully funny, especially if you're carrying and eating a baguette around! November is going to be very, very busy and I'm excited for the next Tuesday Night Music concert, on November 24th in Brown Hall at NEC! 





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