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What a whirlwind ! 


left to right: Daniel Calahorra-Oliart (oboe), Abraham Martin (viola), myself and Richard Rivale (piano)


I finished my first semester at NEC and I can say that it was a blast. These last two months I premiered two new pieces: a trio for oboe, "Pieces of Time" and a choral piece, " the Christmas Tree" on a poem by e.e.cummings ("little tree"). The trio is written for oboe,viola and piano and dedicated to a dear friend of mine who now studies at UCLA. It was premiered in November, and a week later, " the Christmas Tree" was sung by a group of friends. The two premieres were very successful and I am currently working on a piece for solo brass instrument (to be revealed later), and a piece for solo harp for my best friend Clara Wang.




left to right: Richard Rivale, Isaac Blumfield , Maria Giovanetti, myself, Pauline Ann Tan, Michael Gonzalez,Moira Loh, Johann Hartman

 my wonderful friend Clara at our first run through


This semester, I had the wonderful experience of singing with NEC's Chamber Singers. This season was particularly busy for all of us, as we gave a lot of holiday concerts, both public and private. I never thought I'd enjoy choir so, so much and I am looking forward to our Spring repertoire under our wonderful conductor Dr. Erica Washburn. We will be performing both the Maurice Duruflé requiem and the Herbert Howells requiem ! 


the women of Chamber Singers 

the men of Chamber Singers

I must dedicate a part of this blog to my wonderful roommate Rae Gallimore. Rae is a violist from British Columbia, Canada and is a sophomore (transfer student). She is a bit older than I am, but our cultural and age difference did not stop us from bonding. I am very thankful to have someone to talk and vent to when I get to the room, and complain about the small annoying things and Rae has always been there for me, even through the tough times. We both have very weird humor and we had hilarious times together this semester. From me buying 40 bananas and going OCD with organizing and cleaning the room, binge food shopping to witnessing me staying up all night doing a sonata analysis, she has always accepted me as I am. I'm currently on winter break and all we can talk about is getting back together and start working out .. our new year's resolution!



Rae, at Pho Basil, before Thanksgiving break



binge food shopping my way through my first semester at NEC


To conclude this year, I passed all my finals at NEC and was awarded a position on the Dean's List which will able me to take up to 18 credits this coming semester (we are usually not allowed to  exceed 16 credits). I am very proud of all the work I put in, and I have found support in a community where I first felt very isolated at first. Looking back at 2015, I can see that it was an extremely tough year but it has shaped me in countless ways. Here are a few things that happened:


1. I turned 18; which makes me legal in many parts of the world. A very big step for me!

2. I got into college; something that made my parents and myself included very proud. Although it was tough to chose which school to attend, I am glad I chose NEC. I was a little bit unsure at first when I moved in the dorms, but by mid-october, I felt accepted and accomplished in a place that gave its student room to grow. There is pressure to be at a certain standard, and everybody is extremely hard working ... and supportive! I haven't seen a school where student and faculty are so supportive of whatever you are going through.

3. I graduated high school. Goodbye and probably won't be back until some obscure alumni event in many years!

4. I lost a few friends, but made new ones: being young, we expect everything to stay the same, to still talk to the same friends, and it may be true for some, but for some others, chances are you won't be talking to them in a long, long while. I was sad a little bit at first, but I found new sources of support with people who turned out were going through the same thing as I did at NEC; some who have gave me the chance to have a different taste at life. 

5. I let go and moved on from past painful experiences; I'm not saying you should forget the lessons you learned from these experiences - no matter how painful they are, you must move on and only then will you start recovering from them.

6. I decided to write at least 2-3 pieces a month, which makes me extremely productive; I usually wrote 1 piece a month but I figured out that if I pushed myself to write in short period of times, then when I go into the professional world, I won't be affected by writer's block.

7.In tough times, I have found who were the people who'd stick with me.

8. The tragedies that have happened to the World has not divided us as a whole, they offered the opportunity for humanity to shine in the face of terrorist organizations. Compassion, solidarity - love, is stronger than hate.

9. You are not a bad person for what you have done to yourself.

10. Last but not least... my new year's resolution is to sleep more regularly! 



had to wear something extra special for my last monday at NEC 

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