Bosba PANH



To close of the long weekend, I took a little trip to Revere Beach to have dinner at Thmor Da Restaurant. The way to a girl's heart is through food ... and Cambodian food will always make a Cambodian girl happy. It's  a good 35 minutes of subway rides but Thmor Da is worth the trip if you're not close to Lowell! It is a very small restaurant and a very homy place. The waitress was especially very nice. I ordered a cafe-teuk-doh ko (iced coffee with condensed milk), a green mango salad, and a samlor mchu saich moan (cambodian sweet and sour soup with chicken). The price and the quality was very good an I even ordered a soup to go ! I get bored easily with the food at school and you know my struggle if you grew up in a place with very flavorful and spiced (not necessary spicy - I mean with a lot of spice use like cardamom or star anise). 


It was a very nice evening to come back to the dorm and an even nicer way of ending the long weekend. I hope to return there so and to have the opportunity to eat cambodian food. The home is where the food is ! and I can't wait to be back home for Thanksgiving and be with my family.













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