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Sunday was chill day. I decided to go to the Boston Public Market. There is a similar market in D.C called Eastern Market. Both of these markets are located in the center of their respective cities and both slightly differ from each other. Eastern Market has a much more "family feel" to it. I suppose it's because the market has been established for quite a while, while BPM is pretty new. Both have fresh fruits, fresh meat from the butchers but I do prefer D.C's. I didn't find any cheese stalls I liked at BPM while Eastern Market's own cheese stall is pretty much where my dad buys his monthly supply of butter. BPM had a smaller selection of cheese and the wine section was ok. I'm technically not legal to be drinking in the U.S but I grew up with parents who grew up in France and well ... wine is part of the multi-cultural environment I grew in and I had to learn how to par wine with cheese and other foods at home. BPM is very new and is the equivalent of DC's Union Market. It's the young and chic Bostonian's go-to-sunday shopping. You have your juice bar, your noodle station, the gelato and of course, fresh apple cider donuts in addition to all you standard farmer's market products. The one thing that was a real discovery was Q's NUTS. They have all these assortment of nuts that are roasted with different flavors and these result is quite nice and savory. I admit it's a little bit pricy but it's worth a little treat to send to a loved one (hi mom!). 








I then walked to go watch the Columbus Parade in Little Italy. Very interesting and very american. You have everything from your local high-school marching bands to political candidates for the Massachusetts Community Council to old grandpas in weird mini cars and people in medieval italian costumes. Equivocally, you also had your anti-Columbus Day protesters. The weather was incredibly nice and I wished Northern America's weather would always be like this. I really, really hate extreme cold weather and even more snow. I finished the day with one of my favorite (and SO underrated) ice-cream flavors: Pistachio! 







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