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Colombus Day is "celebrated" the second monday of October. I put "celebrated" in between quotes because there is this huge debate on whether this holiday should be abolished and Native Americans be celebrated. Technically, Christopher Columbus wasn't even the first European to set foot in the Americas. Speculations are that 500 years earlier, a bunch of Viking sailors led by Leif Eriksson reached the Americas and an unknown Spanish sailor that was part of Ponce de Leon's expedition may have reached the coast of Florida. So yeah, sorry Columbus but I guess your "discovery" of the Americas did lead to a lasting european colonization. In my opinion, I'm fine with celebrating the start of the european colonization of the Americas but there should be bigger emphasis on Native Americans and the horrors that they had to endure during the European colonization and later on. America is truly a "melting pot" and so many discussions are happening right now (aye 2016 presidential campaign?) but hey as long as we get a day off, I'm good. 

Saturday, I took the day off to visit family members who are now back in Cambodia and attended the Illuminus Festival. Iluminus is a festival of light, a "free nighttime festival where artists, designers and creative technologists converge to showcase their most thoughtful, innovative, and imaginative works" ( It was a bit chilly but the atmosphere was charged with energy. I admit I did not always liked the smell of beer and the occasional cigarette floating nearby, but it was nice to feel a part of a bigger energy. The highlight of the festival for me were the works " FIT" by Kim Kalambokis, " Flux Perception" by Nada Tarkana and Aman Singhvi and the performance " Walking the Monster" by Maria Finkelmier and Ryan Edwards.  " FIT" is a projection of three Monumentally sized human figures into an architecturally segmented area  of the Fenway Park so that figures will be squeezed and contorted to fit the unique constraints of the space. " Flux Perception" was pretty nice. You had these long pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling(?), structure ? of Fenway Park and you had these projections on the fabric which was really calming and fascinating (and made for a great picture). "Walking the Monster" was a performance by local percussionists, a trombone choir and a flautist. The percussionist used the Fenway structure as their instrument and the performance gave this groovy rhythm to the festival. 



" Flux Perception" (pic by IlluminusBoston)





the set, performer and sound designer of " Walking the Monster" 


one of the percussionist of " Walking the Monster" 




" Fit" (pic by IlluminusBoston)


Flux Perception 





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