Sophomore Year at NEC

I am finally home for the summer! In this blog, I reflect on my sophomore year at NEC and managing the new, new music group N.M.E and the lessons it had taught me.



Arts Education in Cambodia

A month ago, I stumbled upon Laura Dean and Sothy Eng’s Article “What Arts Education could offer to Cambodia 42 years after the Khmers Rouge Regime” while walking back to my apartment after midnight, on Twitter. I found it a coincidence that I was reading it at a point where I was seriously considering how to implement arts education in Cambodia I wrote back to the authors that night. Arts education is an issue I hold dear, as I feel guilty for having the chance to study music when others back home do not have this opportunity. I recommend reading the article here before considering my answer to it, as it concludes my reflection on my trip back home last summer.


Growing up in the eye of the media

This is the second blog about my time in Cambodia, and talks about the social and humanitarian work I did while in Cambodia this summer. While I enjoyed a lot going back home, I was reminded of who I am back home. I had a very busy time in Cambodia, but not without its challenges. 


The Nirmita Composers Institute

I am back in the United States after a wonderful month in Cambodia! This is the first blog of three about my time back home, in which I talk exclusively about my work at the Nirmita Composers Institute, a composition workshop I attended as a Fellow during my first two weeks.

First year at NEC

 I woke up this morning, no construction noises, remembered summer vacation was actually a thing ..

This pas semester was very taxing on me, emotionally, not so much academically. I managed to make it to Dean's List again, and continued to write music regularly and premiering it every month. So far this year, this would have been seven premieres (including one abroad ) and one choral reading. I finished my first song cycle for piano and voice, wrote for brass for the first time (ugh!), wrote my first harp piece that was premiered in Toronto by my best friend Clara Wang at the Royal Conservatory of Music and passed music history (thank the Lord). 



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