Bosba PANH


Bosba Panh - Composer


“One of Cambodia’s true wonders” (Nicky McGavin, journalist)

 “ Two-night concert could resurrect Cambodian stage’s reputation. It promises to be one of these special occasions and certainly boasts artistic integrity” (Peter Olszewski, journalist)

 Her talent is amazing for her age (John McDermott, photographer)


Bosba PANH has been performing since the age of 8 with her semi-traditional bosbaBAND. An ambassador of Khmer culture and representing a promising future for the country, Bosba PANH sings Cambodian classics and songs for life— phleng cheewit— as well as an international repertoire.

In promoting Khmer heritage, Bosba PANH has performed with the best of Cambodia’s master musicians and dancers who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide. Her career in Cambodia culminated in 2011 at Angkor Wat, the 13th-century UNESCO heritage site of temples and palaces. This concert for 2,000 was praised as “One of Cambodia’s most spectacular music events to date” (Asia Life magazine), “It was magical, it is hard to put in words... This is absolutely world class, nothing else has ever been seen like this in Cambodia. Bosba is so young, she deserves an international audience, she is a world class artist” (Sarah O’Brien, composer).

 Lacking opportunities for professional training in post-conflict Cambodia, in 2012, Bosba won a scholarship to Walnut Hill School for the Arts (WHS), a performing arts high school in Boston, MA, which is affiliated with the New England Conservatory. She was enrolled in voice studies, singing opera, but Bosba also composed. In 2013, her works for piano and violin were performed at the WHS Gala in Boston and at the Phnom Penh International Music Festival in November 2013. After graduating from high school in 2015, Bosba joined the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston as a composer where she is preparing for a Bachelor of Arts. Her teacher at Walnut Hill was  Dr. Whitman Brown (Brandeis University, WHS) and she currently studies at the New England Conservatory with Michael Gandolfi (head of composition studies) and Ken Schaphorst (head of jazz studies).

 Bosba PANH comes from a traditional family of artists with two brothers, Panhlauv (age 16, flutist and drummer) and Sibxyna PANH (age 26, traditional dancer and theater arts). She is the niece of award-winning filmmaker PANH Rithy, a nominee for the 2014 academy awards and several times awardee of the Cannes Film Festival.

 BosbaPANH has already produced 3 CDs, 5 singles and 3 DVDs from her concerts. BosbaPANH’s Facebook page draws more than 120,000 friends and her 50+ youTube videos have attracted more than half a million viewers.